Lisa Jackson
Painting and Drawing. Acrylic, ink, oil, charcoal and collage on canvas, board and paper.

Fifty or Older, You May be at Risk

Each 11" square depicts an imagined cell in the process of aging or battling disease.

This piece was part of a group show titled, Forged, at arc.hive gallery in May, 2019.

Acrylic on polypropylene (Yupo), 34" x 34"

Fifty or Older, You May be at Risk

As a human in my seventies, I have a heightened awareness of the aging process and the closeness of death. As an artist I'm interested in exploring those themes through my work. Fueled by my imagination I have depicted "cells" as they move through a lifespan or battle disease. The images can appear quite beautiful which is at odds with ideas of loss and sorrow connected with aging and the end of life.