Lisa Jackson
Painting and Drawing. Acrylic, ink, oil, charcoal and collage on canvas, board and paper.


(posted on 24 Sep 2018)

Back from Paris for 5 days. My thoughts are still quite scattered. Don't know if what I experienced will influence my art work directly.  Time will tell, I suppose.

Best part of the visit was wandering around Paris streets.  I'm a big fan of architecture young and old.  Huge fan of archaeology and so happy to investigate the arch sites in Paris.  

It was lovely to hear French being spoken all round me. And, thank you to Mme Birkett of RHHS for those French lessons which still have a place in my memory bank!

Loved people watching and traffic watching. How is it that there is not wholesale carnage on the city streets?  It is a mystery.  I love how cool the Parisiens are.  There is no server who behaves as if they are hoping to be adopted by you.  Professionals doing their job.  And no one makes a dance out of navigating a busy sidewalk.  You are on your own and no one cares if you live or die.  But, if you are in a situation where you are engaging with someone like when you need to buy bandaids for blistered feet, you've got great company.  Love everyone with whom I spoke. Kind, generous and helpful. 

Paris was hot and then hot and hot some more.  And humid. So humid.  And, strangely enough I was not the only tourist. I was nearly baked in a human casserole in a room in the Louvre with 4 million tourists and 740 Greek or Roman statues of naked men.  Not tempting to any palette I'll wager.  Those damn tourists followed me everywhere. 

So glad I went. It really is my kind of place.  I could happily wander for months and months.  Next time, find the 'off season' which is probably the two days mid way between Christmas and New Year's and rent a vacation let for a month. And maybe not right in Paris. Find a smaller but just as interesting ville.  

Thank you to Matisse for portraying me in my transition to normal state.

My transition to normal life by Matisse