Lisa Jackson
Painting and Drawing. Acrylic, ink, oil, charcoal and collage on canvas, board and paper.


(posted on 2 Nov 2018)

Having had a lengthy absence from the studio I am now back at it.  The Annual Rock Bay Square Open House looms and triggers the Annual Impossible Studio Clean Up and Clean Out.  Mark your calendars: Nov 23 and 24.  Poster to follow. 

I have some new lighthearted work posted as I Love What You've Done with the Place. A series of small, chunky, goofy interior scenes.  Fun to do on found plywood which had some paint already on it. After such a break a series where I could just splash paint around was ideal.

I have been working on a series of paintings with the title (so far) See What You Lost When you Left this World which is the title of a song by Lucinda Williams. The paintings were done as a reaction to the death of Anthony Bourdain. Not usually a celebrity hound I was very moved by his death and what must have been such overriding sorrow and fundamental lack of hope despite what was, he often said, a great life.  For me the paintings are an argument against suicide. As of yet I have not individually titled each painting and I'm a little puzzled by how the work morphed during the process of painting (and collaging). 

Currently I am experimenting with Yupo (  It is non-absorbent, super shiny and the whitest of white surfaces.  I love how starkly colour shows itself against the white.  Often looks like stained glass. But it's so unpredictable. I'm feeling my way with the material. I'm thinking of the subjects of aging, death as I work.  Not morbid; just curious. Seems a natural avenue to investigate at this time in my life. Wondering how to present those topics visually and not too literally. The work continues.

Have a zillion ideas for future work. Hoping for the time and energy to get it done.

Mark your calendars. Come and see my studio. It will look unnaturally tidy to me but messy and disorganized to you. I will likely have works for purchase should you be so inclined.  

Photo credit Claudia Pedraza